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Healing HOLIDAYS in Nature
The healing power of nature in Pelion, greece,
where the mountains meet the sea

Pelion, home of Chiron,  is where I chose to settle with my healing practice.

Chiron, the patriarch of the centaurs, was a healer for Gods and men alike, having the knowledge of the healing powers of the many herbs and plants of this unique place. 

Indian yogi’s believe that in places where mountains meet the sea humans can acquire the power to become little Gods.

This is a given in this land of myths and splendor.

Silvia Trost
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (Graduate)
Naturopath (licenced)
Tel: + 49 1575 84 050 27 (German mobile phone)
       + 30 6946501988      (Greek mobile phone)
Email: silviatrost57@gmail.com

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