Healing holidays in Pelion

Enjoy holidays with friends

Find yourself replenishing in the unique environment of Pelion, where it is said that  the Olympic Gods themselves had their holidays.

This is said for a good reason: clear blue sea, lush forests, wonderful hiking trails, just to name a few. 
We want to offer you a unique holiday, focussing on your well-being and inner development in a group of like-minded people.

Experience healing through professional treatments and in community with lovely people from all around the world.

Maintaining health involves balancing  body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Holistic healers look at the whole person when assessing their health needs and will look at diet, exercise, mental and emotional strains to pinpoint the underlying causes for symptoms that have presented themselves.

Our program embraces many possibilities for you to choose, whether you want to spend time by yourself or with others. This is usually much appreciated by our participants. 

We can organise the framework for your journey: air travel, accommodation, transfer.

This leaves enough space for each participant to create their holidays individually.

You may want to enjoy the beautiful beaches, explore the stunning landscape through hiking, or just hang out in the hammock.

Additionally we can organise activities such as outings to Delphi (2 days), Southern Pelion or the Meteora Monasteries. 

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